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Roof Construction


Design Collaboration
We offer your project important perspectives regarding the design review process and value engineering. From master planning to detail drawing review, we can help.

Team Building
If an Architect, Engineer, Designer or Decorator is not on board, we can recommend and guide you through the selection process.


Permit Expediting and BAR Review

Assistance in getting your plans approved with our experience and contacts.

System Planning / Design

Is an electrical engineer or landscape designer needed?  We guide you through the pros and cons of these important decisions and help build the team of professional consultants that is best for your project.

Estimating and Value Engineering

Our accurate and timely estimates evolve with your project. As the plans and ideas transition from conception to construction, so do our estimates. Beginning with early pre-construction planning, we continually analyze the information at every phase of the project and provide creative ideas for cost and time savings.





General Contracting

Our range of work includes construction of the highest quality homes, commercial tenant finishes, and contemporary remodels. Santa Barbara Construction has extensive experience in a wide range of architectural styles and finishes, from classic & traditional to Santa Barbara mission to modern contemporary.



From small scale to expansive additions, we specialize in providing your architect’s vision with a responsible and accurate timeline. Our efficient scheduling reduces costs and waste.


Green Building

As a green construction company, we focus on using building resources in a sustainable manner, providing healthy indoor environments and maximizing energy efficiency. We also offer a team of consultants and tradesmen to guide you through the options and associated benefits environmentally conscious building provides.



Proactive management is based on clear and concise communication with all parties of the building team. Before construction, Santa Barbara Construction completes a full review of risks, unknown costs, and assumptions. Once construction begins, close monitoring of the project is provided through biweekly construction updates and budget reviews.

Precise and Timely Billing 
You can expect timely, detailed and  and accurate monthly billing, tracking and auditing subcontracts, as well as managing insurances, liability and lien wavers from our full time professional office staff. We incorporate fully integrated budgeting, scheduling and accounting software systems. 


As part of the Santa Barbara Construction project completion program, we provide a multitude of services to ensure a smooth transition into the new or remodeled home. This includes an on-call service department that can assist with anything that might come up — from operating a new home works system to hanging a piece of art. 


As part of our closeout services, we provide equipment training and operating manuals along with all warranty information, systems contacts and video documentation.


We work with the property management team to develop specific maintenance schedules and programs designed to prolong the life of each element of the home.
Once the project is complete, Santa Barbara Construction stands behind our work 100%.


We employ a team of carpenters and technicians, available for home care and maintenance services — from moderate servicing to full remodel.


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